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working on a commercial hvac job, Reaction Air, Scottsdale

HVAC installation for commercial new construction
Phoenix AZ



HVAC installation for commercial new construction Phoenix AZ, involves a specialized approach to designing and installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for small, medium and large-scale commercial or industrial buildings.


Previous to the construction phase we collaborate with the building owner, developer, or project manager to understand the specific requirements and objectives of the commercial space. This includes factors like the building's purpose, size, occupancy, and special needs (e.g., data centers, restaurants, medical facilities).


Commercial buildings often have stringent energy efficiency and environmental standards and we must select energy-efficient equipment and design systems that comply with local building codes and sustainability requirements.

HVAC installation for commercial new construction projects demand a high level of expertise, precision, and customization, that's why is important to work in collaboration with other trades and professionals to deliver an integrated HVAC solution that meets the demands of the commercial space while focusing on energy efficiency and occupant comfort


Rectangular and

Spiral Duct

Centrifugal Fans, Roof Top and Split Units

HVAC installation for commercial new construction first phase or rough-in: 

HVAC installation for commercial new construction, last phase or trim:

The installation of ductwork, ventilation systems, and air distribution methods is a critical part of the process in every commercial HVAC job. These components are designed to optimize airflow, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency, consequently we install commercial-grade heating and cooling equipment, such as large-scale rooftop units, chillers, boilers, and ventilation systems.

We also make sure safety and performance standards are closely adhered to.

Advanced control systems are installed to manage temperature, humidity, and air quality. These may include building automation systems (BAS) to monitor and control the HVAC system efficiently.

After all the HVAC equipment is up and running we perform a thorough testing and balancing to ensure that the all system operates as intended. We adjust airflow, temperature, and pressure to achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

We work closely with local authorities to ensure the HVAC system meets regulatory requirements and passes inspections.

We offer ongoing maintenance agreements to keep the system in peak condition, prevent breakdowns, and extend the equipment's lifespan.

In the dynamic landscape of heating and air conditioning services, one phrase stands out as a beacon of responsive expertise: HVAC installation for commercial new construction Phoenix AZ.

As a dedicated HVAC contractor, I recognize the critical role a well-functioning air conditioning system plays in the comfort of homes and businesses across the Valley of the Sun.


When clients search for HVAC installation for commercial new construction Phoenix AZ, they're not just seeking a service; they're looking for a reliable partner who understands the unique demands of the local climate. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere replacement—our team strives to provide a seamless experience that ensures optimal cooling efficiency for years to come.

In the industry of HVAC solutions, our focus on HVAC installation for commercial new construction Phoenix AZ is not just a strategic approach; it's a testament to our dedication to meeting the specific needs of local businesses. Whether it's a routine upgrade or an emergency replacement, our seasoned technicians bring unparalleled expertise to every project. By choosing our services, clients gain more than just a functional AC unit; they gain peace of mind, knowing that their investment is backed by a contractor who prioritizes precision, reliability, and the satisfaction of having a local HVAC contractor for your commercial project that truly understands and caters to the unique climate challenges of Phoenix, AZ.

Efficient HVAC Projects for Your Comfort

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